V & A Mini Storage


Month to Month Lease - Deposit

A deposit of one month’s rent is required at the inception of the lease. This deposit may NOT be used as the last month’s rent. It will be refunded within two (2) weeks of the end of the lease; provided that the tenant informs V & A 1 month in advance of lease termination and leaves the unit as it was leased (no contents and swept out). Any unpaid late fees will be deducted from the deposit before it is returned.

6 Month Lease - Deposit

No deposit is required on a six month lease.

Lock Deposit

A one time lock deposit of $25.00 is charged to use one of a V & A’s security locks (REQUIRED). This deposit will be refunded by mail after the lock and all keys are returned at the termination of lease.


Month to Month leases - Monthly Statements/Reminders are NOT furnished under any circumstances.

Six Month leases - A reminder will be sent one month in advance of the expiration of the contract as a courtesy.


Payable to: V & A Storage
Mailing Address: V & A Storage, PO Box 709, Baldwin, WI 54002
Drop Off Payments: Day and Nite Towing, 850 Hillcrest St., Baldwin, WI
After Hours Drop Off Payments: A box is located to the right side of the front door.
We Accept: Personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders and Cash.
Please Indicate: Unit Number and Location on checks:

NB (8th Ave, North Baldwin),   SB (11th Ave, South Baldwin),   EB (220th St, East Baldwin),   J (Cty Rd J, Baldwin),
NH (North Hammond),   SH (South Hammond),   W (Woodville)
Due Dates/Late Fees/Lock Outs

Due Dates: Payments are due the first (1st) of each month on Month to Month leases.
Late Fees: If payments are not received by the fifth (5th) of the month, a late fee of $7.50 will be charged.
Lock Outs: If payment is not received by the tenth (10th) of the month a lock will be placed on the unit which will be removed within two (2) business days after payment of all fees.
Emergency Lock Removal: A fee of $20.00 will be charged for immediate removal of a lock due to failure to pay fees in a timely manner.